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Life Simply Rocks is a blog dedicated to digital nomads and travel enthusiasts. Our readers find here valuable information and hands-on-tips about the life of real digital nomads.

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Our focus lies on Native Advertising. We do not like nor do we implement intrusive ads that annoy our readers — they are and always will be our focus.

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These are our terms

We were born to travel and work from any place in the world. Nothing can change that. That is why we only tell things how they are, how we experience them – good or bad. We don’t advertise things we wouldn’t use ourselves, that don’t reflect our ideology or fit our way of life.

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On, we reach people who are interested in travel, digital nomad resources and also gaming fans who like to play on the road. Below, you can see exactly how many people we reach on different social media channels.

The numbers are updated regularly. If you want up to date statistics, please get in touch with us.