About us

About Alina

I am a simple girl, born in a small town with a special charm, seemingly stripped out of a fairy tale. Since I was little I very much enjoyed being on the road. Never ever did I refuse my father to take me with him on his travels. I loved opening the window, hanging out with my head like a dog, feeling the wind on my face. The summer time was my favourite part of the year; I could hardly wait to go to the sea. As the years went by, I started to like it more and more to be fare away from home.

Up until 2014, I only managed to travel through-out the country. The first city I visited outside of Romania was Valencia. This experience opened my eyes and I fell in love with traveling, discovering new cities, meeting new people and appreciating the little things in life.

In autumn of 2011, I moved to Timișoara. A city, that opened my mind and soul. Here, I met Deian, whom I’m thankful for every day because I can be exactly who I am around him. Since 2016, Deian is also my colleague, which is another motive for me to get up early in the morning.

When I’m not working, I usually cook, watch movies and TV shows or take pictures. Every time I go to the theatre, a concert or any other activity in the city, I feel alive.

Starting with 2017, I will start telling stories about places I visit and the people I meet on the way.

About Deian

I was born on a capricious spring day in the city of Timișoara, when every being alive seemed to just wake up from its winter sleep. Ten months later, I was sitting in a train with my mother, traveling to Germany. I grew up in the small town Rennerod, where I spent 18 years of my life. During my childhood, I spent most of my days running around in the forest in the back of our house — but only when I wasn’t sitting in front of my Nintendo console.

The years went by and the feeling of returning to my birth city grew stronger. I began to study, but realised during my first year that I wanted to do something else with my life. I began to work as a copywriter, a job, which suited quite well. I’ve alway loved creative writing. Since 2009, I write articles for clients in Germany.

The first time I met Alina, I instantly liked her, although we were quite obviously very different. We soon realised that we shared the same dreams; we learned to communicate efficiently and have patience with one another without sacrificing our individuality. One thing we had in common was our passion for travel and meeting new people.

In the small amount of free time I have, I like to play Nintendo Switch, where ever I am. I also love to listen to music and take pictures of animals and birds in their natural habitat.

Starting with the year 2017, I will write about my dearest passion, Nintendo games, but also insightful articles with information every digital nomad needs on his journey.