Travel Destinations for your next journey

The following page is here to help you find interesting countries and cities to travel around the world. For all travel destinations, we have made a specific page that gives you detailed information about it: what you can see, what to eat and how to travel on a moderate budget. We also emphasise the art of slow travel and encourage people to live like a local.

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Find your next travel destination

Not sure where to go next? Granted, this is not an easy decision. There are more than 190 countries all around the world, starting with small islands like Nauru up to huge states like India. Europe alone has more than 45 countries. You don’t even have to leave the continent to have a very unique travel experience and discover things that are very new for you. Let us insprire you.

To make your choice easier, we gathered helpful information for some of the top travel destinations in the world we’ve already visited on the following pages:





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Travel tips and useful resources

Travel is not just about visiting a country. You need to prepare yourself to travel cheaper, longer and more efficient. Of course, you also want to experience as much of the local culture as possible. Some of you might be even travelling while also working on the road — digital nomads and other location independent people. Your needs are even more extravagant, so we created useful resources and general travel tips for you:

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Read about our Airbnb experiences

We encourage people to use Airbnb and either stay with locals or rent apartments. It is really easy to get an insight look into different cultures when you live with locals, even for a short period of time.

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Book the accommodation for your next trip

We love to spend the night through Airbnb and meet local people wherever we travel. Book your accommodation through the following link and get a bonus for your first booking:

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