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Meet the Republic of San Marino

If you’re in the vicinity of the region Marche or Emilia-Romagna in Italy, go visit the oldest republic in the world, the Republic of San Marino. It’s one of the smallest independent countries in Europe and the world. According to tradition, it has been founded by a mason named Marinus in 301.

The highest point of the country is the 749 metres (2,457 feet) high mountain Titano. Besides the capital San Marino, the republic has a few small towns around the mountain. The other cities are more industrial and not as attractive as the capital. The Republic of San Marino is not a member of the European Union, but still maintains an open frontier with Italy. The language and currency are both the same. You don’t need a visa to enter the country; if you want to have a souvenir stamp in your passport, go to the tourist info and pay up to get one.

The first visit in the Republic of San Marino

f you travel by plane, the closest airport is Rimini; you can also fly to Ancona or Bologna. San Marino doesn’t have a huge public transport system. Buses leave from Rimini daily to the capital of the Republic of San Marino. We recommend to go to the central station and take a bus from there; it’s right across the street. The buses are used by tourists, locals and workers alike. There are a few local buses that can get you to other cities in the Republic of San Marino, if you wish to visit them.

To visit the capital, you don’t have to plan more than a day. Go to San Marino early in the morning and return with the last bus in the evening — that is more than enough time to visit the most important attractions. Make sure to wear your most comfortable shoes, because you’ll walk quite a bit and the streets are steep. The good thing is: You don’t have to pay VAT for your shopping in San Marino.


Food, drinks and people in the Republic of San Marino

The food is clearly influenced by the regional Italian cooking. In San Marino, people like to use fresh, local ingredients. You can eat fish, pasta and meat. There are also many local desserts like the famous Torta Tre Monti, which is being produced manually in the old factory La Serenissima. Since 1942, some of the finest desserts are being made there, strictly by following secret recipes and traditional methods. Other than that, you can visit any restaurant and eat piadina, pasta and seafood. If you like to grab something cheaper, go to a supermarket; there are a few of them in the Republic of San Marino.

In San Marino, you can always find some local beer or vine. Ask your waiter, what he recommends. If you want something stronger, try some freshly made limoncello. Besides that one, there are a few more liquors worth trying. Again, ask for recommendations.

The locals are used to tourists, therefore, they’re pretty welcoming and always try to help you; not all of them speak English, however. Communication still works most of the time.

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Alina & Deian recommend

Despre Alina
Ladies, don’t exaggerate when you find yourselves in San Marino. You’ll feel the urge to buy a lot of things. I recommend buying local products made in the republic. This way, you’ll not only have a great souvenir but also help the locals.

Despre Deian
San Marino has a lot to offer for all men, especially perfumes, watches and sunglasses, either locally produced or brand products. I recommend wooden sun glasses, which are locally produced in the Republic of San Marino.