Viserbella: A peaceful holiday at the Adriatic Sea

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Viserbella: A peaceful holiday at the Adriatic Sea

We spent a few peaceful days in the beautiful Italian holiday resort Viserbella. One evening, we even went to Cesenatico and a few times to Rimini.

Deian’s uncle invited us to spend a few days with them at the Adriatic Sea in Viserbella. For Deian, it was actually the first time he visited the sea in Summer because he doesn’t like the busy season. Alina hadn’t been at the sea for many years, so we accepted the invitation and met in Viserbella. We took a flight from Timisoara to Bologna and from there a shuttle bus to Rimini. We arrived in the morning around three o’clock and picked the only taxi left at the train station where the bus left us. The driver didn’t speak English but we still managed to understand each other; in the end, we arrived at our hotel in Viserbella and checked into our room.

The holiday resort Viserbella

The holiday resort Viserbella is only five kilometres away from the town Rimini. We stayed at Park Hotel Serena, where Deian’s uncle is a very faithful customer. The room we got was very spacious and clean; it had a small balcony that offered us a beautiful sea view. The air conditioning offered us a possibility to cool off from the hot, humid July weather.

Park Hotel Serena view

Only a few steps away, across the street, was the beach. Here, you could rent a beach chair, chill in the sun and bath in the quite warm water. Thankfully, most tourists don’t arrive until August so the beach was not super busy.

Viserbella small port

Every morning, before we went to the beach, we had a healthy breakfast at the hotel; later, we usually served lunch at a small restaurant at the beach. Nearby was also a supermarket where we bought fresh fruits, nuts, bottled water and freshly made salads.

Viserbella beach sunset

The holiday resort Viserbella is a pretty small village that is only two kilometres long. However, it is quite animated, especially in the evening when people go out to dine and stroll around before they go to bed.

A spontaneous boat ride to Cesenatico

One evening, we spontaneously decided to take a boat to Cesenatico that leaves a few times per day from Viserbella. Cesenatico is a beautiful old town, which was founded in 1302 and is only 18 kilometres away. We highly recommend buying a ticket, taking a seat on the boat and enjoying the ride on the sea.

Boat ride Viserbella Cesenatico

You barely notice how fast the time flies by and arrive in Cesenatico, a town, that is very lively, even at the latest hour. Sadly, the boat driver told us that we only had one hour until we had to return to Viserbella, so we rushed to the city centre to see as much as possible.

Cesenatico canal boats

Following the other passengers, we arrived next to Porto Canale, a canal that is part of the historic city centre of the town and where a lot of small boats are anchored. The canal has been designed by no other than Leonardo Da Vinci, after he had been given the task by Cesare Borgia, who wanted to fortify the nearby town Cesena.

It was lovely strolling around the canal, looking at the coloured boats that came in and out the port. At one street corner, a young man was juggling all sorts of the things, another was doing portraits; there was also a pantomime actor and a cartoonist. On each side of the canal, dozens of terraces, restaurants and shops welcomed tourists from all over the world; beautiful music animated each place, but the voices and laughter of the apparently very happy people overshadowed it.

Cesenatico intersection

After half an hour of walking around, we decided it was time to eat some ice cream and stopped by Puro & Bio, an ice-cream parlour that only uses organic ingredients. Of course, that wasn’t enough to satisfy our craving for ice cream so we also bought a frozen yogurt from Mu a few minutes later. Their shop is very illuminated and their white-turcoise logo is a real eye-catcher. Interestingly, customers serve themselves here and can pick from a variety of flavours and toppings; at the end, you pay up and can start to dig in.

Cesenatico Church San Giacomo Apostolo

On our way back to the boat, we saw the church Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Giacomo Apostolo, which was quite simply on the outside and inside. The simplicity, however, was what we liked so much about it. The interior is white, there are wooden benches, a small organ and a few paintings.

Boat ride Cesenatico Viserbella

With every step, we left the busy city centre behind us and the noise from the tourists drinking Lambrusco got fainter and fainter. We enjoyed our evening very much, even if it was a bit short. The next time we visit the Rimini area, we definitely want to stay a few in Cesenatico through Airbnb* because we want to discover more beautiful places in that area.