Amsterdam: Our first Airbnb experience

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The plane tickets were booked, our route planned — the only thing left were our sleeping arrangements. Read about our very first Airbnb experience.

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We’d heard good things about Airbnb so we decided to find a host. For quite some time we wanted to try their service; our trip to Amsterdam was the right time for a new adventure. We were going to stay for four days in Amsterdam and three in Eindhoven.

Months in advance, we began to search for a host, reading reviews and descriptions, looking at pictures of their homes. But first, we agreed upon a budget and chose a few hosts accordingly. We are an active couple and we love to walk and/or use the public transport; we didn’t need nor did we look for a central place to stay. Instead, we preferred to pick a non-touristy area so we could discover a more local way of living. From all the candidates in Amsterdam, we chose Mercedes.

Her apartment is very bright, minimalistic without a lot of furniture; the room we stayed in has a balcony and a big bed.

In the kitchen, you can find anything your heart desires. If we had stayed longer, we would have cooked something. The bathroom is spacious and clean. At the end of the street, around the corner, is a bus stop; a few metres away is the supermarket, Albert Hein. Also not far away are two tram stations and the train station Lelylaan. If you arrive by train, we highly recommend that you get off at Lelylaan. Worth a visit is the park Rembrandt, where you can take a walk in the evening or early morning.

Our host, Mercedes, is a lovely woman who is very kind and has answers to any question you throw at her; she recommended quite a few places to eat at. The apartment itself is very clean and you can enjoy a nice, quiet time. During our stay, there was another couple in a different room but our paths didn’t cross that often.

We loved staying at Mercedes’ place, we felt at home. If we decide to visit Amsterdam again, we will definitely stay with her again.

Airbnb experience in Amsterdam: Interview with Mercedes

Hello, Mercedes. You were our first Airbnb host. We’re happy that you made a good first impression about Airbnb.

1. When did you first use Airbnb and where did you go?

Last year (2016) in March. I went to Istanbul for a tango festival and was supposed to stay with a Turkish couple I met in Amsterdam. But this couple had cats and I am allergic so I had to arrange something else for myself; I rented a room through Airbnb and liked it a lot. That's also why I started to rent out rooms myself.

2. We visited Amsterdam in autumn. What season would you recommend tourists to visit the city?

Summer, it is usually not really warm so still good to visit the city. Or maybe end off May begin April when you can see the flower fields.

3. We love to live like a local, wherever we are. What recommendations do you have for visitors who want to feel like a dutch person?

Rent a bike because that's how the locals get around; it's much safer to bike here than in other countries.

Bike transport Amsterdam
Mercedes recommends to use a bike in Amsterdam

We eat early here; from 18 until 20 we can have an appointment for dinner, later is unusual.

4. What countries or cities do you want to visit in the future?

I don't know yet, so many places to see. But I would like to travel around in Brazil because I used to live there, speak the language and haven't seen much of the country yet. Hawaii and New-Zealand are on my list and also Korea and Bali.

5. Which five facts about yourself would you like to share?
  1. I was born in Buenos Aires so I speak a little bit of Spanish.
  2. I lived in Brazil and look Brazilian but I am actually Dutch because my parents are both Dutch; born and raised in The Netherlands.
  3. I look Brazilian because my grandfather was an Afro-American so I am a mix and coincidentally I look Brazilian.
  4. I like to meet people from all over the world, with some guests I connect more than with others.
  5. I usually wait a little bit to notice if and how the guests like to connect.

Thank you for your time. We can’t wait to meet again.

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